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Publication with ISBN

In order to have your paper published in an Independent Book, your submission should have been previously approved and registration arrangements completed. Selected research papers of the conference will be published in an Independent Book with ISBN as per latest UGC guidelines to give proper credit your research. The book will be released in the opening session of the conference, the book will be distributed to the participants during the event.

Presentation Formats

  • Oral Presentation

Each presenter shall be given 10-15 minutes for presentation. An additional 3-5 minutes will be added for discussions which will be moderated by the session chair.

For the benefit of the audience, the presentation should at least state the following:

  1. An overview of the concept / theories / research being presented
  2. Your research methods and methodology (if any)
  3. Your findings (if any)
  4. Your conclusion.

Please be prepared with enough material to fill the time allocated for you.

  • Poster Presentation

Posters shall be displayed at a specific location and time throughout the conference.

The recommended poster size is A0  (841mm tall x 1189 mm wide). No other size will be allowed to present the poster.

Depending on the situation, poster presenters may also be required to explain and answer questions regarding their posters in the presentation hall.

  • Virtual Presentation

Delegates registering in virtual category are expected to record the presentation in mp3 (audio only) format and send it to us by email / website upload. The recorded presentation shall be of 5 to 12 minutes only. Certificate shipping charges extra.

NB.: Papers received and accepted after 22 November 2016 will be published in official peer reviewed, international, indexed online Journal of The English Literator Society ISSN 2455-393X.



Maulana Azad Research Centre
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Aurangabad 431 001. Maharashtra.

Registration dates

Early bird registrations:
Up to 22 October 2016

Regular registrations:
After 23 October 2016

Contact details

Conference helpline: +91 8411 852 852
General enquiry: info@els.ngo
Paper submission: submit@els.ngo