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Journal of The English Literator Society (ISSN 2455-393X) is an international, peer reviewed open access research journal of literature and cultural studies including translation studies. JELS is published in March, June, September and December every year.

Suggested areas for submission, but not limited to the following:

- Language and Education
- Issues on English curriculum development
- Teaching grammar in context
- Applied Linguistics
- Language Testing and Assessment
- English Literature and Culture
- Comparative Literature
- Cultural Diversity in Literature
- American Literature and Culture
- Literature and Other Arts
- Technology and Contemporary Culture in Literature
- Post – Colonial Discourse in Literature
- Ecological Approach in Literature

- Issues and Challenges in Translation and Interpreting
- Translation and Interpreting Studies
- Translation of Literary Works
- Translation in English Teaching
- Translation in Cyber World
- New approaches and theories in translation
- Translation Pedagogy
- Foreign language teaching and translation
- Life narratives (Autobiographical writings)
- New Literatures
- Travel writings
- Literature crossing cultural or national boundaries
- New readings of canonical and historical literature

Periodicity of Publication

March Issue - 1 15 February 1 March
June Issue - 2 15 May 1 June
September Issue - 3 15 August 1 September
December Issue - 4 15 November 1 December

Submit Online

Manuscripts are accepted throughout the year. Reviewed and accepted manuscripts of the ELS members will be published in the latest issue of the Journal.

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