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Volume 1 Issue 6 Published Online 5 January 2017


Research Articles

#TitleAuthor(s) NameAccess
1 Mother-Daughter Matrix Redefined in Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie John and The Autobiography of my Mother Dr. Dinesh Kumar Download full text
2 ‘Diaspora’ Diaspora and the Construction of Subjectivity in Ramabai Espinet’s The Swinging Bridge Mrs. Gauri Mirajgaonkar Download full text
3 Effectiveness of Tutorial Classes for Beginners of the Japanese Language Prof Hiroko Sano Download full text
4 Preserving tribal languages in India: Can the Modi Government Take up the Challenge and Deliver? Prof. Ramnath Srinath Download full text
5 Mythology and Ancient Cultures Dr. Madhav Hande Download full text
6 The Lowland: How the Political becomes Personal Anureet Kaur Gill Download full text
7 Violence in Tendulkar’s The Vultures & Sakharam Binder: A Comparative Study Dr. Ajay R. Tengse and Ms. Savita Andelwar Download full text
8 Film and Literature: Some Considerations in the Area of Visual Discourse and Adaptations Niteen Vasant Dandekar Download full text
9 Identity, Conflict and Literature: A Study Mrs. Anita Y Padhye Download full text
10 The Pakistani Bride as the Study of Common Ache of all Women Dr. Shaista Maseeh Download full text
11 Void of Representation of Psychological Maladies Meghana Ravichandran Download full text
12 Identity and Multiculturalism in Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss Kumara Balaji R Download full text
13 Human Bonds and Family Relationships in Shashi Deshpande’s Select Novels Dr. Hemant Patel Download full text
14 ‘Mutant and Proud’: Magneto as the Voice of the Voiceless Satvika Ohri Download full text
15 Role of Folk Tales in the Development of Culture through Moral Values Narmatha. V Download full text
16 Role of Science Fiction in Empowering Present and Future Mr. Rahul B. Patel Download full text
17 The Depiction of India in A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry Mr. Kalyan S. Ashokrao Download full text
18 Philosophy of G E Moore Dr. Ritu Pandey Download full text
19 Ubik as a Science Fiction Sarita Wakade Download full text
20 Northrop Frye as a Synoptic Critic Dr Gurpyari Bhatnagar Download full text
21 Redefining India in Search of Identity; From Globalization to Glocalisation Dr. Pankaj Sharma Download full text