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The prime objective of The English Literator Society is to foster excellence through its events aimed at reading and writing of literature, criticism and dissemination of scholarship through publishing, talks and discussions. The ELS is a meeting place for members, so that we can talk, exchange views and share innovative research ideas. The ELS also encourage reading, writing and translating literature into English. Though the working language of the ELS is English it welcome writings on works in other languages. The study of culture and its various aspects is a crucial part of our mission.

The ELS organize events such as - literary talks, memorial lectures, meet with the creative writers, workshops on reading and writing of literature, conferences for presenting research, exploring innovative views on literature, research methodology workshops for research scholars and range of such other activities that cultivate and celebrate excellence in literature and scholarship. Collaboration with other related institutions and organizations for the dissemination of research is also one of the objectives of the ELS.

Journal of The English Literator Society is an official journal of the ELS published quarterly in March, June, September and December. The Journal feature creative writings and research of the ELS members. The ELS also encourage scholars, professionals and those who are interested in literature and research to become members of the ELS and explore the opportunities to connect with the similar interest professionals and scholars around the world.

The ELS exists to advance humanistic learning by encouraging the study of language, culture and literature written and translated in English. The ELS actively encourages fellowship and scholarly interaction among persons interested in various authors, their art, their ideas, and their times. The ELS recognizes the importance of encouraging a wide variety of approaches, both established and innovational, to the study of language,culture and literature written and translated in English, including biographical and historical studies of an author’s life and times, bibliographical examinations and close readings of literary texts, as well as all other critical approaches. To achieve its goals, The ELS organizes occasional conferences. The ELS also arrange other conferences and symposia, publish or support the publication of journals and books devoted to the study of language, culture and literature written and translated in English, offer both competitive and honorary awards to individuals.

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